The Truth about a Vasectomy and Testosterone Levels

Many men who become naturally deficient in testosterone ponder the relationship between having a vasectomy and testosterone levels if thinking about boosting their testosterone levels with testosterone replacement therapy.

The connection between vasectomy and testosterone production may influence their decision as to whether to have a vasectomy or not.

The correlation between having a vasectomy and testosterone levels is somewhat in dispute. Although some facts about the relationship of having a vasectomy and testosterone production seem to be commonly accepted, other studies of vasectomy and testosterone levels have reached different conclusions.

Research on the matter, however, generally agrees that if there is a correlation between vasectomy and testosterone levels it is probably not a negative one. That is, vasectomies do not cause the manufacture of testosterone to decrease.

Some research concerning having a vasectomy and testosterone levels shows no change in hormone level in the blood.

A link between prostate cancer and the amount of testosterone in the blood sheds light on the subject. The association between prostate cancer, and vasectomy and testosterone production research is sketchy.

For men who already have prostate cancer, increasing testosterone advances the condition. A higher incidence of men who have had vasectomies having prostate cancer indicates a higher relationship between those have had a vasectomy and testosterone production increase.

In 1993 two large research projects concerning vasectomy and testosterone levels were conducted. In one, 10,000 men that had a vasectomy had 1.5 times the chance of getting prostate cancer. The other study of vasectomy and testosterone levels came to the same conclusion.

But in June of 1999 a study of vasectomy and testosterone production showed there was no difference in the number of people who had had vasectomies when prostate cancer victims were surveyed.

After the vasectomy, the apparent lack of testosterone production changes prevent any loss of sexual abilities by the man. The surgery affects neither the subsequent desire for sex by a man nor the frequency at which he can perform it.

A question arises if there is a safe way to boost testosterone levels for men who have vasectomies and suspect they are suffering from low testosterone levels without side effects.

One possible solution lies from using a natural herb called tribulusterrestris. Tribulusterrestris is an herb that has been used by many cultures for at least a thousand years to remedy both sexual and also non-sexual problems.

Tribulusterrestris has no known side effects when used to boost testosterone levels. It may be a safe and effective way to increase testosterone for men who want to have or have had a vasectomy.

In conclusion, it has been shown that vasectomy and testosterone production variation is probably small enough in most cases to make having a vasectomy a safe procedure to undertake.

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Simple Home Remedies For Diabetes

You may be surprised to know that aside from prescription medicines, there are also many home remedies for diabetes that are readily available at home or in many local grocery stores. Before moving further, it would be better if you get a glimpse and broader understanding of diabetes and insulin.

Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus is the medical condition characterized by inability of the body to break down sugar resulting excessive sugar (glucose) level in the blood. The condition is marked by lost of energy either due to incapability to produce the hormone insulin or resistance to insulin. Insulin is the hormone that has the ability to lower glucose levels in the blood. Those who have diabetes experience increased hunger, increased thirst, and increased urination. Serious complications of diabetes may result to heart disease, vision problems, and a lot more. The condition is long-term and in some cases can be life-threatening.

Type 1 diabetes mellitus is formerly termed as insulin-dependent diabetes, marked by the body’s inability to produce insulin. Usual onset of this type is during childhood or early adult life; usually treated with insulin injections and dietary changes. Type 2 diabetes is marked by insufficient production of hormone insulin or the insulin available does not function effectively in the body; usual onset is beyond the age 40.

Common Home Remedies for Diabetes

o Did you know that mango leaves can help combat diabetic attacks? It may be surprising but boiling three to four pieces of mango leaves and drinking it in the morning is one of the most recommended home remedies for diabetes.

o Bitter gourd is also a beneficial remedy for diabetes. All you have to do is remove the seeds then soak in one cup water. Drain and drink preferably every morning.

o Reducing glucose level in the blood can also be achieved by regular intake of celery, cucumber, string beans, and garlic.

o Green plantain is also one of the well-known home remedies for diabetes. Wash and peel then put the peel in the jar filled with water. Drinking this mixture three to four times a day will be useful in fighting against diabetes.

o Cinnamon is also beneficial in lowering sugar levels in the blood. Add three tablespoons of cinnamon in one liter boiling water; simmer for twenty minutes and strain. Consume one liter of this mixture everyday as a part of your home remedy for diabetes.

Other common Home Remedies:

o Soybeans are very good for diabetes and also very healthy.

o Cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes are known to be effective in treating diabetes; you can dice them into a salad and eat daily. You will also get a lot of vitamins by eating the salad which is very good for you.

o 20-30 minutes walk everyday will help you treat the problem.

o Add garlic to your daily diet.

o Put 4-5 almonds in a cup of water before you go to bed. In the morning get the almond out of the water and eat.

o Drink cinnamon tea this will help balance the sugar levels in your body.

Since diabetes is a life-long condition, home remedies for diabetes would be useful in managing the condition.

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