Simple Makeup Techniques for Accentuating Your Eyes With an Eyeliner

Basically would ever have to select only one makeup product, that could definitely be an eyeliner. Using eyeliner takes a bit of exercise and experimenting, but once you have mastered the technique, it is going to transform your look dramatically, determining and accentuating your eye.

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If you don’t have a steady hand, sit back and place your elbow on the table for more control.

Application tips for the upper lash line:

  1. Apply eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible, making sure you don’t leave space between the eyeliner and the eyelash line. Your lashes will appear fuller and lush. If you are having difficulties to get a perfect line, attract a few black dots in the base of the lash line and then join them.
  2. Maintain the line as thin as you possibly can. If you desire a thicker range, you can always build up to it, however, it’s much easier to add lining than it is to remove elaborate already there.

As a general rule, the actual thickness and intensity from the eyeliner should correlate using the size of your eyelid – the larger the eyelid region, the thicker yet smoother the eyeliner should be; small the eyelid area, the particular thinner and more intense typically the liner should be.


If your eyelid doesn’t show at all, you might like to reconsider lining altogether to prevent smearing and smudging.

Application tips for the lower lash brand:

  1. Apply a thin, smooth line. Heavy liner within the lower lash line eventually ends up looking like your mascara offers smeared. Even if you use dark for the lower lash collection, apply it softer than you might for the upper lash series.
  2. Avoid lining the interior rim of the lids. Apart from making the eyes look smaller sized, after some time it will smear as well as accumulate in the inner part of the eye, creating an untidy look.
  3. Make sure that often the eyeliner on the lower sexy lash line connects with the back again corner of the upper eyelash line. This creates a much more natural, cohesive look.
  4. Dab concealer just below your own lash line to keep the liner in place.

Always apply eye shadow after you have applied eye darkness and eyeliner.


Eyeliner Formulas:

  1. Eyeliner Pencils would be the easiest to apply. Make your eyes makeup last longer by establishing your eyeliner with a complementing eye shadow, lightly dusting it on top of the eyeliner.
  2. Eye Shadow liner is easy to apply, dry or even damp and can be long-lasting in case applied correctly. The variety of colors will allow your creativity in order to shine through.

How to use: Gently dampen an eyeliner clean – I recommend using clean and sterile eye drops, but you can utilize plain water as long as you clean the lid dry in late the process.

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Shake a little reduce shadow into the container cover and dip the moist brush into the powder unless you get enough on the suggestions. Line your eyes while you would normally do having an eyeliner.

  1. Liquid, Dessert and Gel Liners will be the most difficult to apply, but with perseverance, you can achieve incredible outcomes. These liners are a good option for creating dramatic appears.

No matter which formula you prefer, a good eyeliner is an absolute should in any makeup bag.


Great Budget Destinations in Europe

Looking for some great budget places in Europe, then I trust this article will serve to give you many useful and inspirational tricks for your next travels. Europe is a good place and in spite to be a fairly small size, it truly is full of diversity in one land is typically very different from the future. In fact, the amount of time you could spend traveling in The European Union is basically indefinite if you want to are able to see all the countries and bigger cities.

Backpack Paris includes places like Berlin, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. Backpacking through Western Europe includes places like Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome.


Eastern European spots still tend to be cheaper an average of than Western European destinations I have long preferred the previous partly for this reason but also for the explanation than that, at least until finally fairly recently, many Eastern side European destinations were not that touristy and I’ve generally preferred getting off the overwhelmed track a little.

Here are some connected with my best recommendations;

While an exception to the rule this Eastern Europe is generally significantly less touristy than the west, Prague is, in fact, one of the busiest sites in Europe. However, Prague is a fantastic place to head out and although it is a lot more high priced any use to be, it’s still a bargain provided you can decide what you’re doing there, therefore, you avoid the rip off bones. Prague is also one of the most wonderful cities in Europe and plenty to do there are basically dozens of great day-journeys. If you are planning a trip to Europe, then you definitely should definitely stick Prague with your itinerary since it is right in the center of Europe and easy to start by bus or train from nearly all major European cities.

A backpacking trip to Europe is something which everyone should experience. To Backpacking Around Iceland is budget friendly and broadens your perspective on a whole lot of things.

A different very enjoyable destination is definitely Kraków, Poland. Although the hottest city in Poland right now, Kraków is still a very good supplement to any itinerary across the European Union. It is considerably cheaper than various other destinations still and also the fund’s flights go there. You can see an abundance of sites and summer the favorite day trips include the amount camp of Auschwitz along with the Wieliczka Salt Mines.


For anyone who is looking to get more off the outdone track, then the city of Lviv in western Ukraine is probably worth a visit. It is a tad bit harder to get to than the different destinations but happens to be the cheaper city that I’ve ever previously spent any time in. It is also particularly beautiful, full of culture in addition to history and an interesting ethnic assortment.

Although tourism is fast growing in the area now, Transylvania in Romania is also a terrific place to go. There you will observe fairytale castles, beautiful country, and quaint villages. Romania has long been one of my favorite vacation spots and you can literally spend 2 or 3 weeks exploring the old Germanic locations of Sibiu, SighiÅYoara, BraÅYov, and Cluj-Napoca.

Although not likely as cheap as the value to be, the Baltic places are also worth a visit. Rankings especially recommend Vilnius, Lithuania, as there is plenty to discover into there and while it gets busy in the summer, it can be nothing like to the same amount of the other Baltic capitals.

Mining Equipment – Prevent Wear With Thermal Spray Coatings

Energy spray used for mining gear? You bet! But before you choose the thermal spray coating (also known as ‘hardfacing’), you must first be aware of type of wear. The solutions may surprise you.

Are you aware about High Temperature Coatings which are usually used for mining equipment where comes under Coating Services


Harsh wear can include lower effect, lower stressed conditions. Right here, there will be no fracture, absolutely no sudden loss of parent materials. Rather, material removal may be the result of scratching, filing, a regular loss in metal a few micro-level. Of course , wear prices will be more dramatic when the extracted abrasives are sharp, angular in nature. Proper substance hardness, such as an abrasion-resistant steel or ceramic, is vital.

Adhesive wear is more of the tearing or material splitting up between interacting surfaces. This begins with rubbing, as well as ends with phenomena referred to as scoring, galling, or seizure. Their occurrence is typically related to like materials and framework, under an applied masse, without lubrication. Here, stuff choices should consider attributes such as ductility, for impact power. These “softer” alloys accessible can actually work harden along with impact or deformation. In this way increased strength and capacity abrasion.


Have you already recognized the wear mechanism? Created the proper material selection? Nicely, now it is time to consider energy spraying. Hardness is the regular measurement for material option. Again, keep in mind that, under harsh conditions, harder material options, like tungsten carbide or even ceramic coatings are perfect. But for adhesive wear, wherever impact strength can be important for success, softer, more ductile choices are the answer.


Are you aware that how (or where) the actual thermal spray coatings tend to be applied can also slow down costs of wear? Depending on extracted material type and form, the success of a hardface deposit will be in exactly how it is aligned on the surface. Similar, perpendicular, even coating space and overlap can mean the main between success and failing. Dissimilarity in thermal growth characteristics between the coating and also parent metal is also some thing to consider.

Any experienced covering provider for mining products will tell you: to slow down put on rates, choose thermal apply.

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Why Do We Need to Train the Trainer?

Exactly why do we need to train the trainer? In the end, we understand the individual has got the techniques and knowledge of the subject area, so why can’t they simply pass their skills and knowledge on?

Well, it is important to recognize that any trainer needs two separate categories of skills and knowledge to train others. Firstly, they fully should know the topic they’re training (subject matter expertise); but secondly, they need to learn how to transfer that information to the learner (instructional expertise).

Train the Trainer Course

There are many certification courses available in the market that will help you discover your inner strength. One should undergo these courses as they will not only help us to lead a fearless life but will also help to achieve success. Train the Trainer Certification is one of such courses that will help one master the skills and upgrade them to complete new level.

The trainer must know the subject material very well; and in order to know a subject sufficiently to train it, a trainer often must have expert experience or knowledge at a much higher level than the level they are coaching. But as well as this, trainers must obtain the instructional expertise, or trainer training. Sometimes it is assumed that just because a person has the knowledge and skills of the subject area, they shall be able to train others. But this isn’t necessarily the case. Training is an totally new set of skills.
Whoever is being trained, a trainer can’t just clarify a subject to the participants, and then expect these to “get it.” Training is more than just simple transference of knowledge. A trainer should know how to set up that knowledge, correctly present it in a various formats for anyone who has diverse learning styles and tastes, and discuss the topic in a way that the participants can understand and learn from.

Training is costly, so when it is done, it needs to be done efficiently and with maximum impact. A trainer needs to be clear and confident in their delivery, and learn how to build and maintain relationship throughout the training session. A trainer must be able to adjust to meet the requirements of numerous learning and behavioural styles, and to be able to learn the processes to indulge and activate conversation and involvement.
An effective train the trainer programme will have a positive impact on the participants. It will help the trainer to remodel their training programs and workshops in to multi-layered, interactive, productive and energising learning experiences that will make sure long-term retention of details by the learners, and thereby enhance their productivity and usefulness.

There are so many activities that one do to break the mental blocks. It is very essential to achieve success in life. These activities boost the morale and confidence activities of an individual and Train the Trainer is the best certification program. This will enhance the skill set and efficiency of the participant.

Of course, once trained, the trainer will be a valuable in-house useful resource for the organisation. They shall be able to answer promptly to learning needs, saving time and energy of finding an appropriate training resource beyond your organisation. The trainer will have the information of individuals and the culture and systems of the organisation to create tailor-made training projects. They’ll have a top comprehension of issues facing the organisation and subsequently should be able to deliver the best content. Not forgetting the amount of money it will save you in sourcing external trainers. But ultimately training your in-house trainers will maintain your dedication to training and building your staff.

Train the Trainer training can assist you do most of these things, and more.

Holiday Cooking Timing Tips

The break meal time was set for just two o’clock pm. However , typically the meal was not ready to function until almost an hour afterwards. It’s a problem faced simply by many a host or coordinator and their guests. It’s only a matter of timing getting everything all set to serve all at once.

Goan crab curry with rice on a lazy Sunday afternoon with my family is a quiet affair. The cracking of shells and the sucking of juices the only sounds. A big bowl sits at the centre of the dining table, filling up fast with remnants of soft, chewed-up shells, and vermillion shards of hard shells; every tender crabby morsel having been patiently prised out. Crab curry, in my home, is normally cooked for lunch on a holiday, to be eaten patiently and meticulously so that the soul along with the belly is fully satisfied. This is slow food – spices roasted and ground up and cooked with artful care and taking time to savour and enjoy the meal. This feast is almost always followed by a nap.

Read Recipe : goan crab curry


According to any cooking chart: a 6-8 pound turkey without filling takes two and one-half to three hours, an ten to twelve pounds, three to four several hours, twelve to sixteen weight, four to five hours, a of sixteen to twenty pounds, seven or more hours and a twenty in order to twenty-four pound, six to be able to six and a half hours. When stuffed, add an hour to a hour and a half more roasted time. At an oven heat of three hundred twenty-five certifications. The internal temperature should be a hundred and sixty-five degrees. As well as, the preparation time just before a turkey is put in the oven, the sleeping time of twenty mins to distribute the fruit drinks and the time it takes for you to carve it.

Dressing: It could be prepared the night before adding adequate unheated chicken broth to help lightly moisten it, inside a foil pan and securely sealed with foil along with placed in the refrigerator enabling the flavors to absorb to get a better taste. Cornbread dressing up takes a total of about three hours to bake ladling heated chicken broth into it to moisten it through the baking process. White loaves of bread stuffing and dry manufactured dressing cubes bakes regarding thirty minutes uncovered for a five pound bird. The more often the bird weights add quarter-hour extra time for each pound. The final results: a pan of totally baked moist dressing or perhaps stuffing.

Mom makes a mean mutton keema pulao. She’s fast, unfussy and does not follow recipes. Her repertoire of pulaos (pilafs) and biryanis is extensive yet each every single one is cooked from memory backed-up by instinct. On my last visit, as I watched her put together her mutton keema pulao, I felt a strong urge to share the recipe. Busy moms everywhere could learn how to make pulao in a rice cooker and use this tried and tested keema pulao recipe to whip up a special meal without spending hours in the kitchen.

Read special recipe by Quinchtell :

mutton keema

Other side food: green bean casserole, brocoli rice casserole and lead capture pages casserole, they take at the very least an hour to bake dependant on the amount to be eaten. Taters boil for at least thirty minutes in addition to sweet potatoes bake for the hour. Plus, the extra time period it takes to season, slam and prepare them.


When there are extra dishes apart from the basic holiday foods, begin focusing have some other family members take them and some desserts. The amazing thing about relatives, they could act as substitute hostesses making certain the glasses are chilled, the proper wines are relaxed and the last minute details are usually looked after. By the time the poultry is finished cooking and designed, everything is ready to set out on time frame. The guests are able to line-up you should serving themselves.

Make Solar Panels – 5 Steps You Can Use to Lower Solar Panel Cost

Understanding how to make solar panels is a guaranteed way of reducing your monthly bills and “going green”. Using the upward spiraling energy expense of conventionally fossil-fuel produced electrical power, many residential homeowners are searching for alternative ways to reduce their own energy consumption and create their very own power through renewable sources.

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Individuals have looked into methods for how to build a solar panel, or even construct an energy-producing windmill and solar hot water program.

Reduce Energy Demands – There was a time when only the actual wealthy could afford to buy solar power systems capable of producing electricity. For the rest of us, our own only avenue to reducing our utility bills was to slow up the amount of energy our family house demanded.

Many chose to do that by raising the temperatures settings for their air-conditioning, as well as lowering the heating temperature setting. While this solved the monetary dilemma, for many it created living conditions uncomfortable.

However, due to the lowering costs of PV solar cells, the working part of the solar panel, the construction of cheap solar panels is now available to anybody.

Sourcing the Materials – Though there are different techniques for building solar panels, most possess three components. Those are the photovoltaic solar cell, that through no moving components, can transform the sun into usable direct current electrical energy.


To protect the solar cells, it is necessary to assemble a textbox for housing, along with all of the required wiring to move the electricity from the photovoltaic cell to whatever requirements electricity. Additionally, you can fabricate a solar panel using an electric battery for storage, to attract electricity from after the Sunlight sets.

Taking Small Actions – Even a complex entire home solar power system is constructed utilizing nothing more than connecting a series of little single solar power panels together.

Utilizing easy-to-understand schematics and sketches, simple detail guidelines and also instructions, any do-it-yourself newbie can build solar panels effective at running lights and home appliances.

Taking the initial step associated with solar panel construction involves training yourself how a direct current (DC) solar power generating system functions. With this knowledge, fabrication of the single solar panel takes just a few hours. Placing the unit in the sunshine instantly begins generating electric power.

Expanding Your System – When you are satisfied that you have created a good operable single solar power screen capable of generating power, you are able to build multiple single sections and connecting them with each other in a series, to generate sufficient power to offset the demand regarding purchased energy.


Because you can broaden your system as large because desired, it is possible to increase the electric output whenever you are monetarily capable of producing more solar panels. This gives you the freedom to produce the system as you can afford this, and still instantly reap each of the energy benefits as it develops.

Freedom from Fossil Energy Power – Many devoted do-it-yourself individuals have created any solar electric-generating system okay to completely remove themselves through the national electric grid.

A few homeowners have accomplished this particular feat through the construction of your few solar panels at a time, utilizing the savings on their reduced electrical bill to fabricate extra units, saving even more cash for more panels.

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One method would be to design the system using a number of batteries to collect and shop unused electricity for any power demand at a later time. Another technique involves using the local power grid as a place to retail outlet solar panel generated electricity throughout the day, to be used after the Sun offers set.

Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

There are specific things that you should consider when you think about your bathroom interior design. First, consider the structure of your restroom. Does it have lots of visible plumbing? Can it be covered or transformed? What type of sanitary wares will certainly fit in the bathroom?

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Second, within designing your bathroom interior you should think about your water supply and its overall performance. You should be aware of the type of drinking water that you receive. Are you in a region where heated water can be obtained? Is the water pressure higher or low? The type of bath needed will base with this, though lately there are improvements made with showers where h2o pressure and is not a problem any longer.

Third, check your preference for your bathroom interior design. Will it be modern or retro? Minimalist sanitary wares are the latest design of now. It complements a bathroom which is less spacious. You may also incorporate designs from both eras; just make sure that there is oneness in the design.

Color, as well as textures, is the biggest element that matters when you are designing your bathrooms. General color of the bathroom could make your day. Bright and awesome colors like yellow may boosts and invigorate your entire day while darker and comfortable colors do otherwise.

The actual wall colors will make the area look bigger and it can additionally make it smaller depending on whatever you use. Dark and hot colors produce an intimate atmosphere in bigger rooms whilst cool colors produce a concept of space.


The texture from the bathroom goes with the ceramic tiles which are used. Large tiles create smaller bathrooms look larger because it forms an impression of size. It is also suggested that you have a full-tiled bathing room if you have a powerful shower since the steam it will produce may concentrate on the walls causing the wall space to moist.

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You can always test on your bathroom interior design. You are able to base the designs through those found in the mags or through the internet. You are able to start with the basic and later upon expanding with what you think is actually lacking. What is important is that you possess the basic fixtures and state of mind wares to call this a bathroom.

Get Rid of Your Flakes: How to Remove Dandruff

Dandruff can often be such a annoyance. It is a situation that a large number of individuals are actually suffering from. And yet, there is desire as this condition may be treatable by using probably the most tips.

There are several fancy name products available in the market but these products are not easy on pockets and sometime fail to treat the dandruff. Dandruff can be troublesome and hard to treat. However homemade remedy is the Best Way to Remove Dandruff easily at home.How to Remove Dandruff.jpg Dandruff is comprised of visible flakes of skin that’s constantly being shed from the scalp and it is brought on by the following factors: skin oil secretions, metabolic by products of skin micro organisms such as Malassezia, which is a kind of yeast, and finally, a individuals vulnerability for this condition. It’s such a common condition that we now have many items that are presently sold in the market to aid in controlling it.


1. Make use of a soft, natural bristle brush. This distributes the oil evenly. If oil continues to be on a particular area, there is a chance for that yeast to develop.

2. Use shampoos which have anti-yeast comprising medications. Shampoos comprising substances such as ketoconazole and selenium sulfide fight the yeast infections and can definitely help you stay flake free! Utilize it a minimum of every second day during the first week, twice each week for the following 2 to 4 weeks and once a week from then on.

3. By no means use ordinary soap to wash hair. They do not contain qualities which are crucial in looking after the scalp and hair.

4. When it clears, don’t use the dandruff shampoo daily. This contains such powerful ingredients that it could potentially cause irritation. Make use of this product at least once a week.

5. More persistant forms come from the scalp being oily. Don’t use greasy substances on your hair for example oil treatments.

6. The consumption of alcohol and fried, spicy food. They do not retain the required nutrients that are required for your hair and scalp to grow healthy.

7. Massage your hair using coconut oil using the juice of one lemon. Getting a massage relaxes you and it also increases the the circulation of blood on your scalp as well. This concoction is a natural way to be able to remove your flakes.

8. When you use a dye, do not apply it on the scalp. They include qualities that can destroy normal bacteria. This normal bacterium is accountable for keeping yeast infections at bay. This is much like yogurt having good bacteria that is effective in keeping your digestive tract healthy.

9. Use yogurt as a hair conditioner. Yogurt contains good bacteria that can combat yeast infection. It also has incredible attributes that may condition your hair perfectly. All you need to do is to wash and rinse hair, apply the yogurt and work your way into your scalp. Let it rest on for 10-15 min’s and rinse out. Use plain yogurt.

10. Following a shower, dry your hair naturally. Hair dryers have a tendency to aggravate the scalp. If you really love to dry your hair using a hair dryer, point it as a long way away from the hair as much as possible.

11. Stress causes more flakes to occur. It lowers down the immune mechanism, which therefore provides the yeast more freedom to ruin your scalp.

12. See your doctor. If at-home treatments and also over the counter medications aren’t effective, even after 6 weeks, it might be resulting from another disease. Discuss with your physician if this occurs.

People have different types of scalp and hence one remedy won’t work for everyone. Some have dry scalp while some have oily. After understanding the type of scalp it will be easy for one to answer How to Get Rid of Dandruff Fast and effectively.

Dandruff is a condition that is most certainly curable. It’s a sign that we have to keep our hair strong and healthy. By simply following these previously discussed tips, we are able to hopefully remove every flake in every hair one individual at a time.

How To Select A Website Design Service Provider

Are you currently a prospective website owner, or even planning to revamp your site within a completely new way? Well, there are many important factors that you would have to think about right from the content to the style, to the optimization of the web site. Proper coordination of all these types of different factors would largely result in the overall success of your site.

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However, if you think that you are not really confident enough in dealing with each one of these different things then you should participate the help of professional digital advertising consultants.

The main task from the consultants, in fact, is to present you with proper guidance and guidance regarding the proper look, and development of your site.

You must usually look for reputable yet inexpensive service providers for your website. Make sure that they are from a good organization and are well experienced as well as proficient in dealing with all the different elements associated with your site.

Moreover, whenever you hire them, they should also generally be able to give references to the previous projects so that your self-confidence is built up and you feel at ease hiring them. Experienced experts would always be able to offer the appropriate suggestions so that your website gets top rankings inside the search engines.

When you hire the best and the most qualified advisor, you can be assured that your webpages would be correctly set up and also Search Engine Optimized (SEO). Your articles would be informative; the design of the actual page would be simple however attractive and the marketing might also be perfect.


In fact, your whole webpage would be very much associated with the keywords so that the internet search engine spiders can easily reach all of them.

This would then enable you to bring in and inform customers concerning the existence of your site along with thereby providing the necessary support and products that they may be interested in.

It is essential therefore that every one of the pages are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Although they charge some money instead of the services provided by them, your own success in selecting the right SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION consultant can see your money heading a long way.

Any website design company must strive to meet the over goals whilst consulting with a person, and at minimum, commit to the next;

  • Create a professional website for your specifications.
  • Provide guidance regarding how the site might appear.
  • Assist in picking a design which best fits your ideas.
  • Work with you to definitely make your website useful, practical, and attractive.
  • Test your web site in many different browsers to make sure that your site looks the same in your visitors as it does for you.
  • Provide some basic training to let you manipulate text and pictures on the website yourself, especially when the website is not complex
  • Set your website up to provide e-commerce abilities, where required

There is a powerful belief within the digital marketing and advertising world that “you obtain what you pay for”, that does not mean that an affordable service cannot be high quality.

Just be careful, however, of those that internet site designers who are out to fleece jacket you with sub-standard function and then refusing to impact changes as per your initial mandate

Home Remedies For Glowing Skin – 10 Quick Natural Effective Skin Care Tips

People who have dry skin are often be heard to exhibit discontent with the skin that they have. The main advantages of dry skin are that your skin really doesn’t look sweaty, it isn’t susceptible to zits and pimples and it is easy to clean. There are numerous of dry skin problems.

There are several remedies for glowing skin and people are fooled by the latest products carrying fancy names. These are expensive and have failed to give desired results. Homemade remedies are the best Remedies for Glowing Skin and should definitely try these to achieve a shiny clear skin.

Glowing Skin

Dry skin is subject to early wrinkling. The skin looks dull. Dry weather or extreme winter conditions make skin look flaky. Any cream or moisturizer which is applied gets assimilated by the skin. Make-up applications also form troubles with regards to dry skin, as the skin is likely to soak up anything that is applied to it. The home remedies for radiant skin mentioned below will help the skin to obtain that healthy glow:

For the complete body, any of these could be tried:
For the complete body, it is best to use a body wash instead of soap. Make sure to apply oil or a moisturizer every alternate day.
Mix single serving of sugar with 1 tablespoon fresh lemon / lime juice. While taking bath, lather the body and face seriously with a soft soap like Dove. Scrub your whole body and face with all the sugar mixture on the lather.
Include some milk in maize flour and rub it on your entire body. This can not only moisturize the skin but will also work as a scrub for the body.
Hands are the areas of the body which are heavily used. They are frequently susceptible to heavy cleaning agents, water and the severity of the weather. They need additional care.
Carry a moisturizer in a tiny bottle in your handbag. When you feel the hands are dry just apply a little moisturizing lotion. Keep that moisturizer in your hand bag that isn’t very greasy.
Apply a blend of honey and lemon or white sugar and lemon on your hands once weekly. This will help to maintain your hands soft and clean.

For the face, there are numerous of cures which can be used. A number of them are:
Avoid using cleansers with higher soap content for your face. Make an effort to switch to soap-free face wash or cream-based face wash.
Applying a paste of mashed banana, with two or three pinches of milk powder or two or three drops of milk, for 15 minutes on your face will do delights to revive the glow of your face.
Mash a piece of papaya and apply the paste for your face. Wash with cold water after 15 minutes for a balanced sheen to your skin.

Many of them try several products to fulfil the wish of getting the fair and glowing skin. However these products fail to deliver results and also cause side effects. Natural remedies are the best and hence one must look for Home Remedies for Fair and Glowing Skin.

For your heels, which are again one of the most vulnerable to dryness you can:
Apply a layer of Vaseline gel on your feet rather generously. Wear socks and let the gel absorb into your heels overnight. You’ll love your heels in the morning.
A combination of rose water and glycerin can be applied to the heels and the elbows to keep them soft.
Last but not the least, do not undervalue the result water may have on the skin; having a shower, swimming, practising a water sport, etc.