Create a Beautiful Cottage Style Home Office

When you think about cottage style, you know that it is light and airy. You can have an office that is decorated in the light and airy decor which will leave your room looking and feeling the same way. There are a few things you will need to get this type of decor.

You need a desk that is light in color. If it is wood, then make sure that it is stained lightly. It’s better if you can find a white desk and chair to start out with. Wicker is a great choice in furniture for a cottage decor. You can also choose a secretary desk that may be unfinished or can easily be sanded off and re-stained. The chair should match the desk so look for a something that is comfortable and available in white or light wood color. If you find a chair that you like, you can always add cushions to it to make it soft and comfortable.

You will need a lamp to sit on your desk. Today, you have so many choices in desk lamps so you are going to find the one you like, just give yourself enough time to find it. you will also need a lamp on any tables you have sitting in your office. You need enough light to balance out your office.

You can use a basket or crate to place your files in. a crate allows the files to stand straight up but if like baskets then use them instead. If you have a metal file cabinet, consider covering it in wallpaper. You want to make sure that you continue with a cottage style office decor.

Place some shelves up on the wall and place your software boxes that you can’t throw away, books, and other important books on these shelves. They are up and out of the way and they cannot get lost in the shuffle.

Keep a basket for office supplies that can be placed on your desk or down on the floor within reach. When you need office supplies, you should be able to reach in ad grab what you need. Add area rugs like oriental rugs to your cottage style home office floor. You can create an individual look without taking over the look.

The window treatment should be simple; something see through. You want to let in enough light but you still want to have enough curtain to be decorative.

Find a wicker trash basket to put in your office. These types of baskets look great and you can line them for trash.

Complete your look with vintage frames that you can buy online, at a store, or thrift shop. You will want to snap pictures of your family and add them to the wall so you can look at them throughout your day. Dress them up in vintage clothes before you snap their pictures. Most camera’s have a black and white choice as well as a sepia color that will give your photos an old antique look.

Complete the look by placing an old trunk in your office. You can also keep office supplies in the trunk or you can use that trunk for other reasons. The trunk should give your home office a sense of style and design.

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