Third Party Warehousing Benefits – Full Service Outsourced Business Solutions

Small, and mid-sized businesses in Canada frequently outgrow their current storage space and look to increase the total area. This is plausible sometimes, however, not always. With growth usually comes increased complexity, as well as in-house expertise on provide chain and logistics is usually not present.

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Increasingly, company owners and managers look to 3rd party warehousing providers as they develop for several reasons.

Benefits of Outsourcing techniques Warehousing and Logistics Procedures

Here are several:

a) They may not in the business of storage and thus it is not a primary function

b) Less personnel to manage in the area of non-core procedures means management’s time is actually spent on developing business and also driving growth

c) Freelancing inventory management and logistics service will often be an exercise which will uncover process improvement opportunities.

d) The need for more space for storage doesn’t necessarily mean the entire organization and its employees need to transfer

e) Warehousing costs for each square foot are less expensive than office space, and the management (office) and warehousing features are separable

f) 3rd party warehousing professionals are highly qualified and it is their core functionality


g) Outsourced providers generally wrap many values include services around warehousing solutions, including:

  • Pick, group and ship services (direct to consumer – decrease shipping).
  • Freight transportation services
  • Inventory administration expertise
  • Inventory supervision software (that often might require licensing fees to make use of or purchase)
  • Attached warehouse facilities to protect duties for imports meant for foreign markets
  • Cost/price leverage
  • Useful services including sorting/kitting, in addition accommodating other special warehouse-level projects using dedicated employees otherwise not available in the house.
  • Staffing often includes operations level supervision and certified logistics professionals.

Small and mid-sized business (SME) managers such as the efficiencies and professional providers gained and often find that on building a business case, joining up with a 3PL warehousing companion makes economic sense while improving operational performance and efficiencies.

Further, what is often considered as an operational “pain” is currently handled by professionals with regard to whom you are the client.


In a nutshell, you’re getting professionals in neuro-scientific service outside your key competency – allowing you to concentrate on your growth plans. Consequently, you’ll likely have the logistics position better covered.

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For businesses wanting to fast track development and take a scalable strategy, considering outsourced warehousing along with logistics services can prove priceless.

With the potential realization from the above-mentioned benefits, business frontrunners should invest the time to correctly evaluate the achievable upside for his or her organization. Time and efficiency, in the end, is money.

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