The 3 Essential Tips – Is Your Posture Causing You Back Pain?

Back pain and poor posture are common today. With many people tied to their desks for hours on end, posture is affected. The habitual nature of posture places undue stress on your joints and muscles. This with time will create back pain.

Do you notice if your posture is good or bad? Do you see your co-workers slouching at their desks and wonder if you look the same? also know more about Office Back chair and Tall office chair

What is good posture anyway and can you obtain it easily? Back pain has been linked to posture by every therapy that deals in the structural world. Yet all say the same thing – “the military style of posture is bad”.


With a military posture, you see the straight upright spine, shoulders back and head up. Try keeping this posture all day and see how you feel. You will actually create back pain quicker this way than slouching around all day.

Good posture is simply this… “A posture that is relaxed and comfortable – when there is good structural integrity” What does this mean? It means, if your spine is moving correctly and muscles not overly tight, good posture is how you stand when you feel relaxed and energized.

Each of you is different. Your height, body shape, age, sex, and many other factors alter your perfect posture. So no one posture is best.

Good posture is gained and maintained by doing the following:

Make sure your joints and muscles of the spine work correctly and are balanced. There are many techniques you can use at home to re-educate your spine to work better. Techniques used at home tend to be more effective because you can change your bad habits quicker as you are using techniques daily for a few minutes. Seeing a practitioner will not change habits as seeing them daily is cost inhibitive and not feasible. This is a costly exercise to remove your back pain or change your posture.
Rest more often. Poor posture comes about due to tiredness most often. You sit or stand in the same position for hours and you tire. As you tire your spine and muscles, posture changes. Resting regularly by changing your posture regularly stops this tiring effect. So get out of your chair and walk around the office, lie on the floor at lunch time or when you have a break… and watch back pain disappear.
Assess your posture. If you notice which parts of your body are distorted, then you can target these with specific exercises or techniques to create balance in your posture and to eliminate your back pain. Generic exercises will take months to make a change. Targeted exercise and techniques allows you to make rapid change. Again using techniques at home is best as you can change habits quicker and faster.
Poor posture will create back pain. It will either create your back pain or prevent it from disappearing. By changing your posture, you can learn to eliminate back pain.
All posture is created through habit. To change a habit it takes 31 days. This is why techniques for back pain and posture are best used at home. There are very few practitioners that work 31 days in a row. So unless you do techniques at home, habits will not change – good habits will not form. Back pain is the second most common reason to visit your doctor. Over 80% of adults will suffer from backpain at some stage. Learning to change your posture, using techniques at home is the most effective and efficient way to eliminate your back pain.

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