Astronomy Tourism: World’s Best Locations for Star Gazing

The best thing about the night is a rare event in cities where glistening stars fade behind lighting pollution as the sky appears dully black in the evening and where the moon additionally loses its shine towards the fumes in the atmosphere. Absolutely no wonder parents living in large cities take their children kilometers away to merely demonstrate to them the stars. Astronomy tourism, a unique interest in tourism that offers in seeing through space, makes it possible on a wider range. also know more about Spain Backpacking Trip and Backpack Paris

Iceland South Africa Seeing celebrities from close while becoming footed firmly on earth is definitely an enthralling experience that astronomy tourism offers. There are resorts that offer telescopes and another opportunity for stargazing in the nighttime sky and then there are observatories on some exclusive areas of the earth that assist tourists to delve deep right into a world outside their globe. Plus, there are a few lesser known organic sites where astronomy tourist is best enjoyed with your nude eyes.


From the clear heavens of the Canary Islands in Ocean Ocean to the Northern lamps that marvel in the air on the North Pole, this is a list of best places with regard to enjoying astronomy tourism on the planet. Read on and the next time you plan a vacation, these places will definitely top your list of locations.

Canary Islands

Enjoy the sense to be close to the cosmos at the Canarian archipelago, where they say, “Stars grin down on you”.

Sky viewing is at its best along with crystal clear night skies within the Canary Islands, located in the Ocean Ocean, just off the NW coast of Africa. The Canaries, which is a group of seven island destinations, make star gazing an exciting experience absolutely without the accompanied by a telescope. Because of the place of the islands in the north latitude, one can see all of the constellations of the northern hemisphere throughout the year. Moreover, the Government from the Islands has taken measures to safeguard clean skies of the area from light pollution.


You can feel the vastness of the world at the Canary Islands where a large number of stars appear to have created a glittery blanket on the expanse. Watching shooting superstars spread showers of light above or discovering constellations can be found innately in the Canary no matter your location on a hill best, on the shores or within the countryside. Moderate temps of the islands favor astronomy tourism round the year. Person camping facilities and well-guided tours for the night can be found in the region.


Chile within South America is yet another country witness to growth in astronomy travel and leisure. The northern part of the nation has postcard blue heavens with sunshine for over three hundred sunny days in a yr that supports the natural state of the universe. The region abounds in some of the world’s biggest telescopes and many famous observatories including Cerro Mayu, Collowara and Mamalluca observatories inside the Coquimbo region; Tololo, Pangue, and La Silla observatories and the like. Chile is also house to Elqui Valley, situated in the Region of Coquimbo, that has the maximum reports of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sightings in the world. The country definitely beckons you for a gaze in the wonders of a celestial body.

South Africa

Home to some in the world’s known astronomical observatories, South Africa offers some of the best celebrity viewing experiences. The nation’s largest telescope called The southern part of African Large Telescope (SALT), which is also the largest telescope entirely of Africa, is located on the hilltop near Gabardine Town that attracts a large number of00 tourists including astronauts, technicians, students and anyone who is thinking about universe irrespective of their age groups. Hotels in South Africa make the most of the astronomy travel with telescopes in areas on offer, giving the opportunity to people to watch night skies in their ease.

Northern lighting tours: from Iceland in order to Siberia

Northern lights, also referred to as Aurora Borealis or Auroras, are one of the most magical specs in the sky in the Polar Areas, one can ever observe. The actual magnificent display of colorful, normal lights from evening overnight sky is a breathtakingly gorgeous site that takes you through awe.

These auroras are made as a result of some natural system between the solar wind, the flow of ions, Globe’s magnetic field and accidents between ions and atmospheric atoms and molecules which cause energy releases by means of colorful lights.

Against the background of starry, dark evenings, the auroras add to the superstar gazing thrills on the nations located on Polar Regions. Auroras are clearly visible with the naked eyes more on To the North Pole than on Southern Pole. Iceland, northern Scandinavia, Greenland, northern Canada, Ak, Finland, Norway, Sweden as well as Siberia are the ideal destinations to be able to witness the beauty of night atmosphere with twinkling stars and also glowing Northern lights. Generally, the time of early spring or even early autumn is considered better to see the Northern lights whenever nights are still dark.

North lights vacation packages, northern signals evening tours, and time tours are available at these locations.

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