Arc Coating Provides A Long Lasting Solution to Corrosion

Metal has an ability to react with the environment and corrode with the passage of time. This becomes problematic when your essential products are relying on parts which are made up of certain types of metals. In order to make such products functional and last for a longer period of time, corrosion resistant coatings are used. The arc coatings are very famous these days, which actually protects the surface of metal from corroding away.

Metals actually react with various chemicals or specific environment conditions to form oxides and other compounds, which is an electrochemical process. Other than this natural process, the chemicals used during the manufacturing processes also stimulate the process of corrosion.

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Arc coating is used to synthesize a very hard film on the surface of various metal tools and objects to protect them from corrosion and so that they last for several years. This is actually done to extend the life of these products to make the products functions properly, no matter what environmental conditions are there or what chemicals are being applied for the manufacture of various useful products. Arc coatings are applied in many ways. Some of the most famous and widely used forms are Arc spray coating and Arc powder coating.

Arc coating services include:
• Manifolds

• Suspension Parts

• Frame Parts

• Wheels

• Brake Parts

• Motorcycle Parts

• Tools

• Much, much more!
Other than protecting from corrosion, Arc Coating offers secondary benefits as well. One of these secondary benefits and advantages is the fine, smooth and improved surface after the coating is applied on the desired part. Some of the most important advantages of Arc coatings are listed below:


Chemical Resistance 


Surface texture


• Operating Temperature


• Conductivity – electrically

These days many companies offer thermal arc spray coating as well as combustion arc spray coatings. They also offer metallic alloys and pure metals for electrical conductivity, anti-corrosion and for restoration etc. With the coating service, these companies also offer engineering support and repair services.

The quality of the services provided by each company differs. It is totally advisable to first have a complete knowledge and information about the company providing coating services and then have a dialogue before hiring the final one. Since these coatings are supposed to protect the products and parts for many years, one should go for the company that offers proper guarantee.


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