How to Survive Low Libido in Men

How do men survive low libido?

First, let me start off here by stating that this is not going to be a commercial for natural male enhancement products. Although, it is pretty funny watching some guy run around with a smile all day on his face because he now has a great sex life due to some supplement he is taking. Let’s get real people.

Sex can be wonderful, but it is not everything. Putting sex in the proper perspective can be very important, especially in older men, who may not enjoy sex as often as they used to when they were in their ’20s and ’30s. Keeping your expectations realistic can help you enjoy the sex that you do have even more. That said, there are still many men who can’t enjoy sex at all. Let’s take a look at the problem and what can be done for them.

First, we should make a distinction between Sexual problems and Low libido. Low libido in men is just one of several problems that men can have sexually. Men can have problems with ejaculation or with their erections. We will not be discussing those problems today.

What You Should Know About Low Sex Drive Or Loss Of Libido

However, at the root of some of those problems can be the same problem that causes low libido. There can be both physical and psychological problems that inhibit a man’s desire to have sex. Let’s look at some of the physical problems.

High blood pressure, Diabetes, High cholesterol, Obesity, and Depression can cause a man to have libido problems. Also, many medications to treat some of these medical conditions have negative sexual side effects, including low libido in men. Men can also have low hormone or dopamine levels, which also affect the male sex drive. No one is suggesting that you stop taking your medications in order for you to have sex again.


However, you should talk with your doctor about the medications you’re on and see if you can switch to another less troublesome medication if at all possible (never just stop taking your medication without first consulting your physician). You can also ask your doctor about the effects of diet and exercise and how they can help alleviate the need for some of these medications.

Psychological problems can include just everyday stress to serious anxiety concerning financial or relationship problems which can also result in the low libido in men.

Depression, while also a medical problem, is also a psychological problem. Treatment of depression is most effective when it includes psychotherapy, or counselling by a trained therapist. Failure to resolve this issue with your partner and the need for counselling makes this a psychological problem. That doesn’t make you mentally ill. It just means you (along with thousands of other couples) need the help of a trained counsellor to address the problem more effectively.

What can be done to fight low libido in men?

Well, the good news is that this is a very treatable condition, according to WebMD. Men who test low for the hormone testosterone can receive Hormone replacement therapy.

hormone therapy

Not all men respond to such treatment, but it is an option to discuss with your doctor. Currently, there is not an approved treatment for men who test low for dopamine, but it is being tested in women at the present time. Additionally, there are some common sense approaches to help address low libido. If you smoke, you can quit. If you drink alcohol, you can either quit, or can substantially reduce your intake. Both smoking and drinking alcohol affect the blood flow to your genital area.

So, if you can’t physically perform in the bedroom, your desire will naturally go down too.

Talk with your partner


One of the best things you can do is talk with your partner about the problems you’re having with low libido. Sometimes it helps just to talk things out and take some of the pressure and stress out of the performance part of sex. There is something very sexy about a partner who is very patient and understanding, and who is willing to be there when you are ready.

Time to see a Therapist


If talking to your partner has not produced the results you want, it may be time to see a therapist, especially one whose focus is on sexual problems in couples. Before you see a counsellor, see your physician to rule out any physical cause of the problem.

I know you’re probably thinking, “How much is this going to cost me?” Well…how much is your love life worth to you? If your intimacy is as important to you and your partner as it is with most couples, you’ll do whatever it takes, pay whatever the cost, go to see who ever it takes to “get back that loving feeling.” Yes, sex is not the most important thing in your relationship. But, is sure is GREAT when everything is working right, including having the desire for each other.


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