The Best Home Remedies for Snoring

You can actually address your problem using some basic, down-to-earth, home remedies for snoring, and none of them are very difficult or very expensive.

When considering these, it helps to remember that most problems with snoring are caused by blocked nasal passages that force you to breathe through your mouth, and when you do, the air passing over the back of your throat and mouth causes the tissues and membranes to vibrate when they are dry and “crackly.”

Home remedies for snoring should address these common causes for snoring.

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why so people snore

So, ask yourself if you do have problems with blocked nasal passages. Is your nose very dry and stuffy? Is it due to allergies or the fact that it’s dry outside? Keeping those nasal passages open during sleep is important so home remedies for snoring may include using menthol oil or eucalyptus oil, either in a vaporizer in your bedroom or as the oil itself rubbed on your chest and under your nose. Many store products that promise “vapor action” are just these oils in a cream form that you use in the same way.

Sometimes your nasal passages are blocked just due to the overly dry skin. If you notice that your nose is itchy or dry when you breathe, then some simple home remedies for snoring include keeping your skin moisturized. No, you can’t put hand lotion up your nose of course, but just keeping a small humidifier going in your house and drinking plenty of water helps tremendously. Avoid alcohol at least an hour before going to bed, as this just dries your skin, mouth, and throat.

Other home remedies for snoring are those that will keep you from sleeping on your back so that your mouth won’t drop open. Try propping pillows up behind your back and under one hip. Or, if you must sleep on your back, tilt your bed up a bit by putting a book under the headboard.



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