Foods Which Increase Sperm Count

Outside penis enlargement, sperm increase is the most popular men’s issue on the planet. People looking for how to increase sperm fall into one of these two conditions: they’re struggling to have a baby, or they want to improve their ejaculation. Nothing’s wrong with both conditions.

There are several things we can do to achieve sperm increase. The preventive way includes avoiding tight underwear, stay away from smoking and alcohol, reducing stress levels, ejaculating less frequently and living a healthy lifestyle. Now let’s talk about something different. Let’s discuss how to increase sperm the natural way: by consuming certain foods!


Yes, you can now achieve significant sperm increase effortlessly by just eating a number of particular vegetables and fruits. Here are some of them:

1. Orange – Orange is one of the most popular food in the world. People like orange mainly because it freshen you in a way that no other fruit does. But not many know, the extract of an orange that contains Vitamin C in it can be of much help for people looking for how to increase sperm.

2. Celery – Celery is well known to have great effects for stimulation. Most of its body contains an odor-free hormone called androsterone, which is great for increasing the desire and stamina.


3. Green Tea – People know for ages that green tea has the property that makes you feel relaxed… but little did know, that consuming green tea in a long run can result in remarkable sperm increase.

4. Ginseng – As the pride of Korea, ginseng can easily be found across the country, or even in many areas the continent (Asia). There are so many kinds of ginseng in different size and shape, but most of them known to have the strong effect of improving sperm count drastically. Ginseng has to be processed in particular ways prior to consuming, i.e. as base for soup, boil it for tea, etc.

If you take the foods above consistently day after day, you’ll stop looking for how to increase sperm within 6-12 months. Also, stay away from these foods to get maximum result: coffee, chocolate, asparagus, garlics and red meat.

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