IVF – The Breakthrough in Medical Sciences

Regeneration is one of the most natural procedures of the planet. However, several health complications could make it difficult for couples to start a family. In case, either of the individual is suffering from fertility problem, it can be pretty difficult for the couple to regenerate and produce offspring.

Several plans of starting a family are shattered when couples learn of some complication they might be experiencing in conceiving. In such cases, scientific processes, such as IVF seem like God sent. IVF is one of the most path breaking scientific discoveries till date in the field of genetics and biology.

IVF basically stands for In-Vitro Fertilization. Numerous individuals are of the view that most of the scientific procedures which promise a couple to help them conceive are ineffective. There is not a single method which has been devised by science in the field of fertility. However out from the lot, IVF seems most promising.There is no dearth of fertility treatments which can be adopted by one or both parents which can boost their chances of conceiving.

As stated earlier, IVF is the most effective method of stepping up one’s chances of having a baby. This is a relatively simple and painless procedure which is widely being adopted by couples around the globe.

Women who have inoperative fallopian tubes or sterile men are one of the most common type of patients who come looking for IVF treatment. The treatment procedure of IVF involves uniting the egg and the sperm outside the womb i.e. in a lab or any other medical setting. Subsequently the embryo thus formed is transferred into the uterus of the female parent via the cervix. This procedure is followed by the normal route of pregnancy to begin and manifest itself till he embryo transforms into a baby.

IVF is immensely favored by individuals primarily since it is simple, effective and does not threaten invasiveness. The procedure of IVF basically involves collecting both sperms and eggs from the female and male parent respectively. Prior to this; the female parent is prescribed certain fertility drugs in a hope to revive her fertility tubes. This is done in a bid to help the fallopian tubes to stimulate the ovaries which can thus, create a large quantity of eggs from which an egg can be chosen. Visit to know more about Infertility Clinic and IVF Specialist in Mumbai.

The egg and sperm are allowed to fuse with each other in the external environment i.e. medical lab. It is only after that the embryo is formed in lab that attempts to place it in the uterus of the woman are made. This is done simply on the hope that the woman will be able to get herself impregnated with the embryo and let the rest of the pregnancy procedure take place in her womb. In certain cases, when the woman’s body does not react favorably to the embryo or in case of any other complication, parents often seek other methods or try IVF again.

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