Credential Evaluation Firms Helping Education, Employment and Immigration

Pursuing further education, immigrating to or getting a job in the United States of America demands evaluation of your foreign credentials by a reputed credential evaluation agency. These firms are independent private entities that accessibility your foreign education with regards to an US associate formally, bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree.

As there are many reasons for evaluating foreign credentials, the reports prepared vary. Learners from a foreign land applying for admission to universities or colleges in the United States need their transcripts evaluated. Whereas people looking at immigrating just need a document evaluation or an scholarly education and work knowledge evaluation report.

Having Your Transcripts Evaluated

International students seeking admission to universities or colleges are advised to opt for course by course evaluation reports. These reports are detailed to an level one can imagine. In addition to the US equivalence, a course-by-course evaluation record lists subjects, US credit hours along with US grades. A Grade point average is calculated based on the above detailed particulars.

Why would a single need a single these course by course evaluation reports?

Well, detailed evaluation between the education systems of two countries help colleges & universities determine eligibility of a student for admission to one of the various degree programs they offer. On the other hand, it helps in granting exchange credits for classes already finished by the pupil. This definitely helps students not repeat classes unnecessarily.

Now, when we talk about placing down in the United States, the rules differ. Immigrating would need a visa issued by the United States Citizenship Providers (USCIS). All visa applicants need a credential evaluation report compulsorily. These reports are not as detailed as a transcript evaluation; however they have just the right amount of data and evaluation required. There are two reports that can be used to assist this purpose. (1) Document Evaluation Record (2) Education and Work Knowledge Report.

Document Evaluation Reports

All one needs here is a basic but detailed document stating the US equivalence of one’s diploma or degree, useful and true details of the degree granting institution including its accreditation position and the duration of studies. For employment and immigration a document evaluation should be sufficient as the USCIS is not concerned with one’s grade point average or hours completed. Do visit more information related to Association of International Credential Evaluators and Center for Credentialing and Education.

Work and education Experience Evaluation Reports

As the title suggests, this report combines education and work experience of an individual primarily. There are several points to cover here. Equating knowledge to education has different norms. The foremost and first rule is experience needs to be in the relevant field of education. A Computer Science degree followed by work in an Insurance business cannot be equated. Whereas a Bachelor’s in Computer Research followed by five decades of work knowledge in the same field could equate to a Master’s in Personal computer Research. If we talk about equating knowledge at an undergrad level, three years of work experience is equal to one year of write-up secondary education. However these true points need to be covered by a credential evaluation agency. Reports by them could only describe the equivalence of your education in comparison with the US standards.

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