Water – The Magical Drink

Glowing skin comes free of charge to you. Our simple water does it successfully. The effect of water is immediate, say overnight. Your skin not only glows but you also feel a lot better after having a glass of water. Your lines and wrinkles will seem less pronounced and your body will work most successfully as the waste and toxins are washed apart. This is what our free of cost renewable source of energy does to us.

Tip: Drink a glass or two of water if you are watching your diet. Dehydration triggers false feelings of hunger so its easy to confuse thirst with hunger.

Natural spring water, whether its fizzy or still, is full of natural minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, which are so important for our growth and healthy skin, along with iodine copper and iron .Fizzy water is definitely believed to be absorbed much quicker in body and is definitely thought by some beauticians to aggravate cellulite.

Tip: People who drink plenty of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and aerated drinks tend to have tired-looking skin and have greasy epidermis and spots.This is because these drinks contain caffeine which prevents your body from making efficient use of minerals and vitamins.Try not to drink more than 3 cups of tea or coffee a day.

Alcohol and Smoking also effect the skin in great greatway.Keep their intake reduced. Excessive intake of alcohol can lead to split veins. Smoking which has Nicotine doesn’t help you keep healthy epidermis too. Try Giving up Smoking. Nicotine episodes the blood vessels that feed the skin with nutrients and oxygen, along with those that drain away the body waste. Smoking also age the skin and influence nail beds and hair follicles greatly, which nestle the epidermis.

Tip: Try not to take more than recommended 21 devices of alcohol a week and GIVE UP SMOKING.

So, I would advise you to increase your water intake. One of the best way is to start a full day with a glass or two of water. These initial glasses are important as you are reversing any brain dehydration that may have occurred overnight. It will always be advisable to have water empty abdomen as it avoid unwanted dilution of digestive juices. So half hour before your dinner, do have water. Get into the habit of taking water bottle along with you when you go out to enable you to refresh yourself whenever you want.

Benefits of Pure Water:

a) It doesn’t create any false feeling of hunger if we have proper intake of water. Hence, no overeating.

b) Epidermis feels moist with the increase in energy levels.

c) Pumps you up, improves mental and physical efficiency.

d) Flushes out Toxins and undesired substances.

e) Makes you rid of dark circle under eyes.

f) It also alleviates migraine headaches, high blood cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis pain, allergies and high blood pressure.

Tip: Your intake should not be less than 8 glass of water per day

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