Importance of IVF Egg Donation


In vitro fertilization is not such a new concept in the medical world. It was introduce in 1978 so that women with missing or blocked fallopian tube can still conceive a child. Today, the in vitro fertilization procedure is still used for the same purpose; plus a whole lot more IVF is also used to overcome infertility due to sperm issues, ovulatory problems, fibroids and endometriosis. In the United States of America, around 15,000 babies are born because of successful in vitro fertilization. The number still increase each year.

The process of In Vitro Fertilization

For in vitro fertilization to work, during  IVF Treatment  the egg cell of a woman should be fertilized, meaning a sperm cell should successfully enter the egg cell. If the sperm and egg cell does not meet, then no fertilization can happen. This is the case of the fallopian tube is blocked or cut off as the case of tubal ligation. What the IVF process does is it takes out the egg cell and the sperm cell of the female and male accordingly. It is then fertilized in a controlled environment, usually inside the laboratory. Once the it is fertilized, it is then injected inside the woman’s uterus where nature can take its natural course.

Note that not all fertilized egg injected in the uterus successfully form into a healthy baby. There are factors to consider such as the health of the sperm and the egg, the condition of the woman, the age of the woman and other factors.

There are women who do not produce enough or even a single egg cell. This may be due to some rare disease or due to the fact that the reproductive organs are removed via surgery. In such cases, IVF egg donation is necessary. It is the only way that a woman without any egg cell can conceive a child, except of course if she just decides to adopt. IVF Doctors in Mumbai  have started this.

The IVF egg donation is a process where in a willing female will donate 10 to 15 egg cells for the purpose of assisted reproduction. When the female already donated the egg cell, the donor’s job is completed. Not all female can just donate eggs, mind you. There are guidelines set by American Society of Reproductive Medicine as well as the FDA before they allow any egg cell to be donated. This is to certify the their quality being donated to women who are unable to produce themselves.

The down side of in vitro fertilization is that is has lower success rate than other methods like reverse tubal ligation for example. Only 30% to 35% of women on the 35 years old age group are successful in conceiving a child through IVF. For women 40 years old and above, the success rate of IVF further declines at a mere 10%.

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