How to Evaluate Foreign Education & Professional Credentials

Coming to the United States to improve the level of education or to take a step ahead in job is a dream that most of the foreigners want to live. Which is one of the major reasons as to why thousands of international learners wish to get enrolled in the highly reputed universities of USA. But, for foreign learners or internationally educated individuals, getting started is not that simple. Definitely, these people need to confront different challenges and issues that they may completely be unaware of. The very first problem that comes in their way is the reality that almost all educational institutes and employers want to get a clear idea about the level or say the actual worthy of the degrees and certifications possessed by an international student. This means that they want all elements to end up being analysed and all angles to end up being measured in order to determine the level to which these foreign credentials can be compared to the ones possessed by the American learners. One must understand that no specifications have been set up by the U.S. Section of Education. Note that The International Center for Academic Evaluation is the only credential evaluation corporation that is identified by the US Department of Education as an Education Reference and is placing brand-new standards for evaluation excellence. Their people can handle all of your questions. Also get more information related to Best Foreign Transcript Evaluation Service and Foreign High School Transcript Evaluation.

Now, as far as dealing with the biggest challenge is concerned i.e. getting your foreign credentials evaluated, the very action that must be taken by you is to select an evaluator. You can gather reliable and essential details regarding this procedure by visiting the official site of NAFSA (The Association of International Educators). The site,, offers a resource library to assist universites and colleges in making the right choice for an evaluator. According to NAFSA, opting for a specific worldwide credential evaluator will be nothing different than selecting professional support of any sort. As an institution, always think about the source for making the evaluation payment. Try to get answers to certain important questions like who will be in fact paying, pupil or the institution? What sort of information will undoubtedly be required? How will the evaluation be applied?

Remember, understanding the specifications holds great importance. You should go for organizations or firms that are not only reliable but at the same time enable you to completely understand the evaluation standards. And one of such highly respected and dependable organizations is usually ICAE – The International Center for Academic Evaluation which retains the rank of being the sole credential evaluation corporation having the reputation of the US Department of Education as an Education Resource.


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