What To Do If Your Cell Phone Is Lost Or Stolen?

There are situations in which sometimes we get in, that we feel rather helpless or without knowing exactly what to do or where to go for help. Having a personal cell phone (telefone celular) lost or stolen may be one of these situations. In situations like these the following tips may be of some at least to minimize the potential difficulties you may run into.

– You should care for your cell phone (telefone celular) as if it were your personal wallet. The simplest way to don’t be liable with fraudulent costs is to do whatever you can within your means to avoid unauthorized calls in the first place. Check the user guide that comes with your telephone set and start using the lock or password feature to potentially prevent a theft from making unauthorized phone calls. There are ways to get around passwords, but you will probably be buying yourself time until you realize the loss of your cell phone and call your service telephone provider.

– Call your cell phone (telefone celular) service provider as soon as you discover the loss. Record your missing/stolen device and be sure to keep records of the time and time you called your telephone carrier, the title of the person to whom you spoke to, and what you have been informed. Also take note of hawaii and the region of their call center, plus their telephone extension number. Finally ask for confirmation in writing that your device has happen to be disabled. Some companies may also email this to you.

– File a police report. It may not be much of a help in getting your cell phone (telefone celular) back, but it should provide an official record of the missing/stolen cell phone. Keep the police record number accessible while reporting the loss to the phone carrier. You also may open an investigation with your carrier if required. If you are not getting an immediate response by working directly with your cell phone (telefone celular) business, do not waste any more time. Contact your telephone carrier and request an immediate investigation. Usually a formal request for an investigation shall prevent formal collections filed by the phone carrier, not to mention that might delay reporting to any credit bureaus against the phone user. Also get more information about how to treack your lost cell phone – cop@vsnl.net and cop vsnl.net lost mobile.

– When requesting an investigation, let your telephone carrier know that you will end up filling a complaint with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), your state attorney general`s office, and your state`s open public utility commission (PUC). After using these steps, the phone carriers shall most likely pay closer attention to you, once they become aware you are an informed consumer. According to a 2006 AARP/ROPER cell phone survey, half of all cell phone users between the age of 18 and over, record not knowing who to call to in the event their cell phone carrier is unable to resolve a billing/service problem to the user satisfaction. Beware that FCC will probably forwards your complaint to your telephone service provider, requiring a return from them within a month.

– Contact your attorney general`s office. According to their website, state attorney general offices handles problems about cell phone contract and frauds disputes. This office provides lawsuits against telephone companies based on phone user complaints, resulting sometimes in refunds to consumers and brand-new agreements made by cell phone (telefone celular) service providers on behalf of their cell phone users. Also contact your state`s PUC. Each constant state has a government agency, usually called utility commission, which handles consumer problems with telephone companies.

A missing or stolen cell phone (telefone celular) may become a big problem if the user does not consider immediate measures. Filing a formal missing/stolen report jointly the with cell phone services carrier and federal government agencies are the necessary methods one should consider to make sure he will not have any more losses. Get to know your rights as a consumer and make sure the any loss you are likely to have, in the event of a missing/stolen cell phone (telefone celular), will be the cell phone itself.


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