Organic Remedies for Your Skin

If you suffer from persistent skin difficulties like eczema or psoriasis, you know how that they are recurrent and hard to control.

Common factors such as stress and poor diet can cause flare-ups, and who has time and energy to run to the doctor each and every time this happens? Plus, your body can become proof to the steroid lotions that are generally prescribed to treat these problems.

Luckily, there are several natural, very easy, and safe herbal remedies for eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, and other causes of dry, flaky skin.

If you tend to have dry epidermis, taking vitamin E every day will help prevent difficulties before they start. Diets rich in olive oil and using safflower oil as a substitute for vegetable oil will also supply much-needed vitamin E.

Vitamin E is sold in capsule form, and you will split the capsules open and the oil directly to the affected area as well apply. Adding a few drops of lavender essential oil shall help reduce redness, puffiness, and scaling.

For difficulties such as flakiness of the scalp, using a dandruff shampoo shall help minimize the symptoms, but if you need to avoid the chemicals you can apply witch hazel directly to the affected area or combine it with your normal shampoo. This is very soothing and will help heal the skin.

Lastly, drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol and caffeine shall help keep your skin hydrated, soft, and healthy. Take advantage of the natural herbal remedies available to help you control and treat your skin problems.

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