Diabetic Foot Care Tips

Most of the time, we focus on health or skin care completely ignoring the importance of our foot. Foot treatment is equally essential especially for diabetic people to avoid foot complications. Foot is one part of our body which is used the most. Even then, we tend to ignore it until we don’t come across some serious foot problem. Ft are made up of 26 bones, held together by tendons, ligaments and muscle groups and covered in skin.

Some handy and valuable tips of foot care:

a) Check your feet daily for cuts, sores, red spots, swelling and infected nails.

b) Do not lower corns and calluses( hardened or thickened area of the epidermis). Consult your doctor for those who have developed corns and calluses instead of cutting them away from using razor, corn plasters or some liquid corn removers.

c) Make sure your toe nails are trimmed properly. Trim them direct across and clean them using a nail file.

d) If you are diabetic, consult your doctor. Diabetic patients are at more risk to developing foot wounds and complications which do not heal easily. There are three major problems which a diabetic person faces if some foot is developed by him disease.

. Ischemia: It is poor circulation of blood.

. Neuropathy: It is a nerve disease.

. Infection: Precipitation Aspect.

Tip: Keeping your blood sugar level in good control and taking care of your feet properly can help you avoid serious foot problems. Also avoid sitting with your legs crossed as it can reduce the flow of blood to your feet.

e) Scrub your feet each time you take a shower. You can even wash them using slight soap and lukewarm water and then drying them lightly.

f) Wear clean socks and shoes that suit you properly. Best shoes helps you put off accidents and soreness. If you feel your feet sweat more than others, go in for canvas or leather shoes but not synthetic ones or plastic shoes. Vinyl or plastic shoes do not stretch or breathe. Sandals may also be an excellent option. Use foot powder daily.

g) Quit Smoking. Smoking reduces the flow of blood to your feet.

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