Proven effective Remedies for Low Sperm Count

Sperm Count:Man ejaculates millions of sperms. Of these ejaculated sperms  only about 220 succeed to reach ovum or egg which is present in the fallopian tubes of female. Out of these 220 sperms only one manages to impregnate the ovum or egg. Oligospermia is the medical term used for the condition low sperm count.When sperm count is less than 20 million per ml of semen the condition oligospermia arises. Good sperm count, healthy sperms, viability and motility of sperms all determine the fertility of guys.

Sperm Quality: Quality of sperms play a great role in fertilizing egg. For a successful fertilization or conception at least 60% of the sperm should be of a normal shape and structure. Normal sperm have an oval head and a long tail. Unusual sperms will be having oddly designed heads or curled tails or double tails which have a lower chance of fertilizing the egg.

Sperm Motility: The sperm should have the strength and ability to swim forward to reach the egg or ovum. The sperm’s tail propels it forwards. If the 50% of sperms have the ability to swim forward in healthy way then the chances of fertility increases.

Causes of Low Sperm Quality and Count

  • Stress: Stress, depression, panic and other emotional issues can reduce sperm count.
  • Temperature exposure: Overheating of testicles due to hot baths, saunas, high work temperatures, tight clothing, laptops, fever etccan cause lower sperm quality and count.
  • Cycling: Exercises such as bicycling can cause trauma to testicles and raise scrotal temperature. This can also affect genitals. This causes low sperm count.
  • Alcohol abuse: Alcohol lowers fertility as alcohol intake prevents absorption of important nutrients from digestive system.
  • Smoking : chewing or Smoking tobacco can cause abnormal sperm morphology. It can also damage the sperm’s DNA and result in foetal defects.
  • Lubricants: Use of lubricants during intercourse can affect sperm motility.
  • Recreational drugs: Marijuana, opium and cocaine can adversely affect sperm count and quality in addition to causing erectile dysfunction

Ways to increase sperm count and quality

  • Avoid prolonged use of laptops, warm baths, restricted fitting underpants, bicycling and any action that can raise scrotal temperatures.
  • Quit addictions like alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse.
  • Keeplubricants at bay
  • Avoid using toxic chemicals including household cleaning products or use protective clothing, correct ventilation and face masks.
  • Indulge in stress busting activities like yoga, meditation and relaxation.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Maintain normal healthy body weight.
  • Try herbs and vitamins

Rejuzoa is a Herbal Ayurvedic Remedy for infertility, low sperm count and quality

Rejuzoa is a completely organic ayurvedic formulation proven to promote spermatogenesis by improving the testicular, seminal vesicle and epididymal functions. Rejuzoa boosts the sperm count and the quality of semen by improving the LH-FSH creating basophil tissue in the pituitary

This is the single most effective ayurvedic herbal remedy to improve sperm count, morphology and sperm motility and has been shown to have no side effects.

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