FB Marketing GI review and tutorials.


I would like to share my reviews about FB Marketing GI Software. I am using this tool from last some months and if I have to describe it in one word; “Jackpot”. I would like to share some of its features and how using these proved to be a jackpot for me.

To start with, the first this which caught my eyes is that the interface of Facebook Marketing GI is simply superb. The Collapse and Expand option is of great help. Using this option, whatever you do or is been done by the tool is very well shown in the bottom window. A very positive point to note here is that everything which is done by the tool can be seen on the screen and there is absolutely nothing which is hidden. This feature has very well maintained the transparency which is must for me while using any software.

The next feature which truly impressed me is the Profile Rotator Option, this is simply superb. In this, we have the option to select the order of the account usage and with loop rotation option enabled, it keeps the software running and all I need to do is; Set it and leave the software running.

The option of Scheduler is a plus point here. This helped me start the fb marketing software at a particular time even if I am not available in front of my system. This featured truly helped me in targeting audience of countries with different time zones very easily. Now I don’t have to sit late at nights to engage audience of other countries.

Scrapper option is the one which is very useful for anyone using this. The options of Relation, Gender, Age Range etc are spot on!! This helped me target genuine people. As my products are gender specific and age range was needed as every age group people were not going to buy that, so this worked wonders for me. The option of scraping by Graph and Category are additional advantage. In Category options, I was able to search people by Posts, Users, Pages, Groups, Events, Places and Photos by just entering a Keyword. By this we get the user IDs of all the targeted audience. After that, all I had to do was, make a group and invite these people to join.

The captcha filling integration is again very beneficial for me, as I don’t have to sit and keep on filling the captcha again and again.

On top of all these features, one more thing which I truly appreciate is the availability of tutorial videos of FB Marketing GI, thereby making my work all the way more easy and comfortable. I didn’t have to do any trial and error using this, simply installed it and started using it for my business. Yes!! It was that easy for me.

At such low cost and license for 4 PC for lifetime, what else do I want? Absolute Jackpot for anybody.

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