Dry Coconut

Completely ready coconuts should dry out with all the husks on, to obtain dried coconuts. This technique results in evaporation of the coconut water and also detachment of the kernel from coconut shell. Dried up coconuts are usually processed in order to create oil. Often the oil hence produced can be used for food preparation, making cookies along with confectionaries. Grates of the dried up coconut provide a crunchy texture and moreover give a really good essence to dish. It is very full of Magnesium (mg) and helps in restoring damaged bone tissues. Dried out coconuts are usually known to have a relatively lengthy shelf life.

Tender coconut water

Tender coconut is actually hugely consumed by nearly every one in the time of summer months. Typically the tender coconut water quenches thirst as well as raises power instantaneously. Tender coconut water can be described as store house of electrolytes, calcium, potassium, sodium and even magnesium. It really is believed to be a good “natural isotonic beverage” with all the exact concentration of electrolytes as that of human blood. It is actually with no fats and offers important salts and additionally minerals. It is just a natural electrolyte solution and that is without chemical preservatives.

Curing attributes of tender coconut water

Tender coconut water carries good volume of potassium. Its usage helps you to cut down hypotension. Research upon animals have established that normal use of tender coconut water helps the level of good cholesterol as well as lessens bad cholesterol as well as triglycerides.

When ever this specific water is usually taken in empty stomach, it minimizes level of acidity and then flushes away acidity producing toxins. Additionally, it gets rid of impurities from your digestive system. Water right from tender coconut enables you to rehydrate total body as well as balance PH levels. Therefore it is extremely useful in body dehydrating ailments including diarrhea and even vomiting.

This kind of water includes diuretic qualities. The substantial potassium content alkalizes your urine. Individuals having an inclination for getting kidney stones can make use of this excessively to stop creation of stones.

Water coming from tender coconut carries a good amount of cytokinins. Cytokinins produce an anti-aging effects on individual tissues and cells. Common use of tender coconut water reduces the aging process. This lessens the chance of acquiring degenerative ailments at the begining of life.


Individuals residing in sunny coast parts make use of coconut oil just for cooking food. It has massive amount lauric acid, which usually helps you to avert heart conditions such as high cholesterol as well as high blood pressure. Typically the bad fats found in coconut oil are definitely not unhealthy. It lessens the chance of personal injury as well as harm to veins and hence works well for avoiding atherosclerosis.

Coconut oil is actually traditionally used to make hair oils. It improves shine of hair and moreover helps in its healthy growth. Its anti – microbial and even wound recovery qualities limit dandruff and various scalp lesions. It is an great conditioner as well as fixes damaged hair. This unique essential oil forbids enhancement of lice and then increase protection of the scalp. Dry skin of the scalp can usually be treated effectively just by rubbing scalp with the help of pure coconut oil.

Many ayurvedic creams in addition to oils are prepared using coconut oil as a base. It is relatively useful in issues for instance psoriasis, rashes as well as dry skin. Its application on acute wounds allows you to speed healing practice.

When ever coconut oil is usually rubbed upon body skin, it puts a stop to creation of wrinkles and provides a smooth texture to it. Multiple cosmetic things like soap, moisturizing creams, creams and many others also use this specific oil like a platform.

Around the globe coconuts are used to cure ailments including psoriasis, the loss of hair, wounds, skin rashes, eczema, dental cares, gingivitis, kidney stones, disorders regarding digestive tract, kidney stones, burns, wrinkles, dry out skin and so on.

Thereby its name “Kalpavriksha” has been coined appropriately for coconut tree keeping all these facts in view.

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