Okra – Amazing benefits and culinary uses

Summary: Okra or alternatively ladies’ finger is a very popular vegetable. Its nutritional value is appreciated by researchers. Most of cuisines in world use this vegetable as ingredient in one or the other popular dish. Naturopaths eulogize this fruit for its enormous medicinal properties. Here in this articles the health benefits of okra are probably discussed in detail and also a brief description of its culinary uses are given.

Okra or ladies’ finger (Abelmoschusesculentus ) is flowering plant which specifically belongs to Malvaceae or perhaps mallow family. Plants for instance cotton , hibiscus and also cocoa also are part of the same species. Typically the plants grow around 2 meters tall and the fruit (okra) is around 18 cms long. It contains numerous seeds in it. It needs comfy temperatures and grows within subtropical countries.

Health Benefits of Okra

Okra is a very popular vegetable liked by almost everyone. But a few hesitate to eat this due to its mucilaginous property considering it feels slippery. This vegetable is store house of nutrients and vitamins. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C,Vitamin D,amino acids, proteins, flavonoids, folate, calcium, potassium and many of anti-oxidants. Okra is actually rich in fiber. By virtue of these nutrients okra is a popular health food.

In constipation: Okra is simply rich in dietary fiber and possesses mucilage. These properties help to increase bulk of stools and make it soft.Regular use of this vegetables help to normalise bowel movement and therefore eases evacuation of faeces.

Reduces Cholesterol- The fibre and mucilage present in okra, mop up the fat molecule from the digestive system. Unwanted fat molecules get trapped inside fibres and become unavailable for digestion. This helps to control the blood cholesterol level.

Anti-Aging: The ant-oxidants which are usually present in plenty help to eliminate free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to the layers of blood vessels, nerves and body cells leading to accelerated aging process. Thus natural usage of okra allows you to slow down aging process and keeps body cells healthy.

Detoxification: It is well known that liver is definitely the chemical factory of human body. Toxins tend to build-up in liver during its function. The nutrients in Okra help to wipe out these toxins and lessen the load on liver.

Stabilizes Blood Sugar Level: Okra reduces the rate of absorption of sugar from intestinal tract. The favored diabetes home remedy with okra goes as follows. Get two okras and wash them very well. Slit them into two and cut them directly into longitudinal pieces. Place these in a mug of drinking water and leave overnight. Next day morning remove pieces of okra from water and drink the water in empty stomach. It will aid to prevent fluctuation of blood sugar level.

Boosts abdominal Flora: Okra when taken,raises intestinal flora as well as friendly germs. Intestinal flora helps with synthesis of Vitamin B Complex. This valuable property of okra are generally enhanced by combining fried okra slices in curd. Little salt coupled with finely chopped coriander leaves is often added to help it become tastier. This in turn acts as a scrumptious salad which allows you to boost the intestinal health.

Heals Ulcers in Digestive System: The mucilage of this vegetable neutralizes acid found in digestive tract as well as forms a protective coating on the layers of digestive tract. It also heals ulcers and forbids its formation. The insoluble fibres associated with okra lower the risk of colon cancer.

Protects Heart: The anti-oxidant property and cholesterol lowering property help to maintain heart health.

Fat reduction: A bowl of Okra salad when consumed right before meal, fills the stomach due to its high fibre content material. This suppresses meals craving and hunger, helping you to lose excess fat.

Lowers Risks of cataract: The large beta carotene element (Vitamin A) inside of Okra or ladies’ finger lowers the potential risks of cataract.

Promotes Men Health: Anti-oxidants, Vitamin C, Potassium as well as Calcium are very essential nutrients for men overall health. These help to increase sexual function and moreover increase sperm count.. In addition, they , they help to increase libido in diabetic men.

Culinary Uses:

The slipperiness of okra is overcome by combining it with acidic foods including tamarind juice, sour tomato vegetables or lemon. It can also be fried in oil to decrease the mucilage. The okras can be cut into long items or thin slices to fit the recipe.

In India Okra is utilized in “Sambar”. Sambar is a thick curry that may be savoured with rice and it is staple diet of southern India. Slightly spiced Okra subzi is a popular dish which goes good with rotis (Indian breads). Ladies’ finger cooked with onions, spices as well as butter milk or possibly curd makes a decent combination with Kichri (a rice variety).

America: Okra is a popular vegetable in both north and south America. It is pickled with vinegar. Deep fried okras are served with corn bread as being a part dish. Gumbo is a great stew in which okra is used as an important vegetable.

Africa: Okra is utilized in soup and also gravy which is served with cassava.

Asia: Okra is used in various dishes for instance sushi , soups and also curries in Asia.

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Dry Coconut

Completely ready coconuts should dry out with all the husks on, to obtain dried coconuts. This technique results in evaporation of the coconut water and also detachment of the kernel from coconut shell. Dried up coconuts are usually processed in order to create oil. Often the oil hence produced can be used for food preparation, making cookies along with confectionaries. Grates of the dried up coconut provide a crunchy texture and moreover give a really good essence to dish. It is very full of Magnesium (mg) and helps in restoring damaged bone tissues. Dried out coconuts are usually known to have a relatively lengthy shelf life.

Tender coconut water

Tender coconut is actually hugely consumed by nearly every one in the time of summer months. Typically the tender coconut water quenches thirst as well as raises power instantaneously. Tender coconut water can be described as store house of electrolytes, calcium, potassium, sodium and even magnesium. It really is believed to be a good “natural isotonic beverage” with all the exact concentration of electrolytes as that of human blood. It is actually with no fats and offers important salts and additionally minerals. It is just a natural electrolyte solution and that is without chemical preservatives.

Curing attributes of tender coconut water

Tender coconut water carries good volume of potassium. Its usage helps you to cut down hypotension. Research upon animals have established that normal use of tender coconut water helps the level of good cholesterol as well as lessens bad cholesterol as well as triglycerides.

When ever this specific water is usually taken in empty stomach, it minimizes level of acidity and then flushes away acidity producing toxins. Additionally, it gets rid of impurities from your digestive system. Water right from tender coconut enables you to rehydrate total body as well as balance PH levels. Therefore it is extremely useful in body dehydrating ailments including diarrhea and even vomiting.

This kind of water includes diuretic qualities. The substantial potassium content alkalizes your urine. Individuals having an inclination for getting kidney stones can make use of this excessively to stop creation of stones.

Water coming from tender coconut carries a good amount of cytokinins. Cytokinins produce an anti-aging effects on individual tissues and cells. Common use of tender coconut water reduces the aging process. This lessens the chance of acquiring degenerative ailments at the begining of life.


Individuals residing in sunny coast parts make use of coconut oil just for cooking food. It has massive amount lauric acid, which usually helps you to avert heart conditions such as high cholesterol as well as high blood pressure. Typically the bad fats found in coconut oil are definitely not unhealthy. It lessens the chance of personal injury as well as harm to veins and hence works well for avoiding atherosclerosis.

Coconut oil is actually traditionally used to make hair oils. It improves shine of hair and moreover helps in its healthy growth. Its anti – microbial and even wound recovery qualities limit dandruff and various scalp lesions. It is an great conditioner as well as fixes damaged hair. This unique essential oil forbids enhancement of lice and then increase protection of the scalp. Dry skin of the scalp can usually be treated effectively just by rubbing scalp with the help of pure coconut oil.

Many ayurvedic creams in addition to oils are prepared using coconut oil as a base. It is relatively useful in issues for instance psoriasis, rashes as well as dry skin. Its application on acute wounds allows you to speed healing practice.

When ever coconut oil is usually rubbed upon body skin, it puts a stop to creation of wrinkles and provides a smooth texture to it. Multiple cosmetic things like soap, moisturizing creams, creams and many others also use this specific oil like a platform.

Around the globe coconuts are used to cure ailments including psoriasis, the loss of hair, wounds, skin rashes, eczema, dental cares, gingivitis, kidney stones, disorders regarding digestive tract, kidney stones, burns, wrinkles, dry out skin and so on.

Thereby its name “Kalpavriksha” has been coined appropriately for coconut tree keeping all these facts in view.

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Manifold advantages of Coconut Tree

Coconut tree has a botanical name Cocos Nucifera. The name COCO was initially termed by Spanish explorers as this nut was similar to face of the monkey. Within India the coconut tree is usually eulogized as “Kalpavriksha”, which means want full filling divine tree. It full fills all the needs of man. Within India nearly all parts of coconut tree are utilized in daily living. Coconuts are believed holy in India and they also grace traditions such as yajnya and Havana.

Coconut tree:

The new leaves of coconut tree are utilized in auspicious events in order to beautify the location. The blades are usually interwoven and placed as rooftops on the wooden frame. The dried out leaves are also used just for roofing huts. The ribs of dried out coconut blades are usually linked collectively to create brooms. These types of brooms are popular within India to clean drains and streets. Dried out coconut leaves, coconut husk as well as its shell act as fuel within Indian rural household. Fibres from coconut tree have discovered their own way to producing industries. Bags, ropes and clothes are made from these types of fibres. Vivid creativeness associated with artists have resulted in the creation of coconut arts and crafts.

Coconut Kernel

The coconut meat or kernel is very healthy. It really is fiber rich and high in minerals and vitamins. It is generally known as “Narikela” in ayurveda. Nearly all parts of coconut plant are utilized in ayurvedic preparations and treatment options. Kernel of completely ripe coconut is usually sweet to taste. Even though Ayurveda experts say that it really is heavy to digest, raises pitta dosha and leads to acidity, that is definitely beneficial since it provides enormous quantity of nourishment to entire body. The coconut kernel is normally rich in fibres; therefore this cleanses the digestive tract and helps to relieve constipation. Coconut gratings combined with lime and ginger are used for healing reasons in ayurveda. Problems such as joint disease, joint pain, muscle spasms are usually treated using natural coconut gratings. Aside from these, coconuts are usually processed along with other natural herbs to prepare ayurvedic formulations to deal with different illnesses.

Tender coconut kernel decreases entire body heat and offers enormous nutrition. It is very simple to break down as well as regular use will keep acidity away. The tender kernel increases body energy and power. Texts associated with ayurveda suggest kernel of tender coconut in problems such as reduced sperm count and erection dysfunction.

Virgin coconut oil is usually produced along with fresh ripe coconuts. It really is full of vitamins nutrients and anti oxidant and it is generally known as mother of oils. This particular oil is really a main supply of lauric acid that is similar to a specific group of fat present in human breast milk. Virgin coconut oil is normally rich in Vitamin E and free of trans fat. This particular oil is normally suggested in weight reduction therapy.

Fresh new coconut occupies an essential place in diet plan of individuals residing in seaside areas and islands. Just about all the dishes prepared in these areas consist of coconut meat. The particular paste of fresh coconut meat increases the regularity of curries and soups. The coconut milk taken out from fresh new coconuts is utilized in lots of quality recipes. This increases flavor and provides nutrition to dish. Numerous sweet dishes such as coconut barfi and coconut sweet balls are prepared with fresh coconut.

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