5 Methods To Size, Design & Install Glass Block out Showers

Understanding how to develop the right size shower bottom and shower walls with glass blocks does not need to end up being some unexplainable process. If you’ll stick to the methods in this content you’ll have got an easy to clean, structurally sound, and special shower you can appreciate in your home or commercial home for decades to come.

Action 1) What type of glass block shower do you need?There are generally two varieties of showers you can use – a shower without a door, and a shower with a hinged door. Here’s an overview of where to use both:

  1. A) Showers without a door (walk in and roll in showers) – Door-less showers have got become warm in restroom design over the last 5 decades. The two nearly all popular varieties of these showers are walk in and roll in showers. The biggest advantage of walk in showers is usually you can remove the cost of the shower door and having to bend over to clean around the door’s framing system. The roll in shower also does not have got a door, but also eliminates the curb around the bottom that someone provides to action over to get into the shower. This makes the shower much more obtainable to those with specific needs. The roll in shower base is usually slowly sloped in towards the strain. The biggest disadvantages of the doorless showers is their bases (or platforms) need to be sized larger.
  1. M) Showers with a door (neo angle or corner showers) – Most showers have got doors to prevent water from splashing out. A popular type of shower enclosure is usually a neo angle variety that is usually placed in the corner of a restroom to save room. The advantage of a shower enclosure system with a door is usually that it can suit into tighter spaces (these showers can end up being as small as 32” or 36”).

Action 2) What type of glass block shower base do you need? How do you size this bottom and design it out there at your project site?

There are two universal varieties of shower bases accessible for block out – (1) the preformed bottom and (2) the custom concrete bottom.

  • The preformed bottom is developed and sized before it is usually delivered to the job site and can end up being made out of fat, cultured marble, or additional solid surface materials. It is usually generally thought to cost less than a custom base, which is often true, but not constantly. The biggest advantage of these varieties of systems is usually they are built as one solid unit to minimize the problem about water leakage through the bottom. The biggest disadvantage is usually their size cannot end up being altered at the job site. Pittsburgh Corning makes an acrylic right or left hand entry walk in glass block shower base measuring 72” x 51”, a Neo Angle shower measuring 51” x 51”, a Square corner shower measuring 48” x 48” and even an acrylic shower base 60” x 32” that can be used to convert a small existing tub space into a new contemporary shower!
  • The custom concrete or mud set pan base is usually sized at the brand-new home, renovating, or commercial building site. Since glass block out cannot end up being cut like tile, you’ll need to use layout cards that correspond to the size of the block out devices to make sure the custom bottom you’ll make will complement up with the specific block sizes for your design. Most of the layout cards are approximately 4” wide (3 7/8” is usually the specific size) to accommodate for the nearly all common thickness of block out used for showers. The additional base thickness is usually 3 1/8” wide, although design options with this thickness series are more limited.

Action 3) Choosing the right sizes, styles, and shades to make your glass block shower great and special.

  • There are a wide selection of block out sizes, styles, shapes, shades and also artistically created murals accessible for your shower. Here’s a brief overview of your options:

Sizes and thicknesses of glass obstructions for showers – Glass masonry devices are made is usually both metric and American sizes. Most of the obstructions accessible in the United Claims are American sized. The American sized obstructions are accessible in 4” back button 8”, 6” back button 6”, 6” back button 8”, 8” back button 8”, and 12” back button 12”. Area of expertise styles can help you switch corners, make 45 diploma neo angle showers, generate rounded or radius walls if you’re looking to make a walk in or roll in shower, or finish off the final end of the shower wall structure with a clean bullnose look. The blocks have nominal sizes meaning the actual size of the block units is ¼” smaller allowing for a mortar joint to adhere the block to one another (an 8” x 8” block actually measures 7 ¾” x 7 ¾”). The obstructions for showers are 3” and 4” heavy. Thinner block (3 1/8”) are more cost effective, but shower design options are much more limited in this thickness of block. Also check more about shower panels and wash basin.

Patterns, designs and shaded glass obstructions – Obstructions come in a lot of styles providing different ranges of privacy, style, and design options. The block out are today accessible in standard and custom colors, tints, and artistically decorated murals to complement any internal design style. Check out a comprehensive block web site to see the possibilities.

Action 4) How tall should you make your glass block shower? What do you need to do to make it appear structurally? Most block showers are built on a curb (with the exception of the roll in shower) which is 4” to 5” in height. Since several shower minds are placed 84” above the finished flooring consider constructing your glass block wall structure 80” tall (this will make the size of your glass block wall structure + the size of your bottom similar to the height of your shower head). To make the glass shower walls structurally appear they should end up being tied into aspect walls with anchors every third coursing of block out (usually this is usually every 24”).

Action 5) Don’t get worried about any of the very first 4 methods and call a glass block shower supplier and installation professional – If you really don’t need to number out what size, shape, and shower base is usually best call a block out specialty business who offers design, supply and installation services. This type of company will usually come to your home or business (without a charge), measure your shower space, figure out the possible types of bases and showers for you, and install it with a guarantee.

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