5 Classy Bathroom Lighting Styles Of The 1920s

Get the classic and sophisticated bathroom lighting styles of the 1920s with wall sconces, geometric pattern lights, brushed nickel and chrome, industrial-look lights, and glamorous chandeliers.

If you want a distinctive look for your restroom, try the 1920s restroom lighting designs. The 1920s art deco bathroom design is characterized by classic lighting installations that are not only luminous but are also very elegant and extraordinary. Apart from below mentioned lighting styles, do check about different sanitary fittings and sanitary ware products like wash basin, shower panels, cabinet, mirror, etc which can help you make the bathroom more beautiful and elegant. The following are five restroom lighting styles of the 1920s you can utilize as part of an unique, stylish, and yet totally functional restroom:

Wall sconces

In the 1920s, wall sconces were notably common lighting fixtures in bathrooms. They are often in pairs and are beautiful glass wall brackets in the shape of a bowl or fans placed on each side of the vanity mirror to add brightness to the room. The location of these lightings also reflects the elegance of the typically bronze or stainless finish of the fixtures and other decorations in the restroom. You can use frosted glass in your wall scones to create an even more elegant bathroom look.

Geometric pattern lights

Geometric pattern home lighting fixtures also made out during the 1920s. Light pendants, and also glass ceiling lights in the shape of a globe with some metallic polish, can capture the warm, gorgeous design of a 1920s restroom. Many bathroom remodelers can help you choose from among a wide array of these geometric pattern lights for your classical 1920s design bathroom.

Brushed nickel and chrome

The lighting fixtures used during the 1920s were traditionally finished with nickel and chrome. Not only do these metals add a touch of sophistication to the bathroom, but they also make the space really bright, as well. Nickel and chrome are reflective materials that bounce the light off their surface and around the room. You may make use of frosted glass and chrome combination lighting fixtures for added elegance.

Industrial-look lights

The 1920s home furnishings were dominated by art deco style, which is characterized by a lustrous industrial look. Restrooms usually had mounted flush ceiling lights with polished chrome or ceiling lights with glass globes and brushed nickel finishes. Light pendants, whether just a single or incoporating up to three lights, can also recreate the glamour of the industrial art deco style during the 1920s.

Gorgeous chandeliers

The rich and famous during the 1920s had relatively big bathrooms with glamorous chandeliers hung from the ceilings. Chandeliers brighten a room, making it seem even bigger. The bright warm lights reflect through the bathroom with much style and elegance. Today, you can select from numerous chandelier-type lighting fixtures that are more reasonably-priced, yet similarly bright and classy.

A lot of bathroom lighting fixtures in the market today are reflective of the bright and elegant 1920s restroom design. Mass production of these lighting fixtures, as well as competition among manufacturers, have made it more possible for homeowners like you to easily achieve the look and feel you want for your restroom. Without costing so much of your budget, you can still achieve the classy, art deco bathroom style of the 1920s.


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