Team Building Training Game Part-1

Having different people with different mindset working on a single project without clash of views is myth in today’s world. All people thinks in a different way and therefore their inputs will vary in almost all the scenarios. So building a team and trust amongst these groups of people is a very important aspect of any company. The progress of any organization hinges on how properly the people working are gelled with each other. And so team building is a very important factor in deciding how well an organization is going to perform.

Now-a-days companies and organizations are constantly in search of effective team building training ideas to gel the team members to have the utmost output from them just as today’s job requires far more than just taking responsibilities and doing the job. Adapting to the new troubles is as well extremely important. In order to achieve these, trust and bonding in the teams are a must. In order to produce bond, companies have begun using some numerous team building strategies too. Apart from below mentioned team building techniques, do check Leadership Program and Management Development Program which can help you and your team drastically.

Motivational Workshops and Lectures

Many will say that workshops and even lectures are often times very boring and individuals are more likely to lose interest. Although professional motivational speakers can work wonders in such a case. They make the workshops and lectures very much dynamic, interactive and meaningful. Also, including some games, contests, quiz programs and additionally puzzles will increase the involvement of everyone.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes Game

Including the games like this enables making the bond in the team better. What you need to do in this game is, stand or maybe sit in a circle and remove the shoes. Place all the shoes in the center of the human circle. Then the first volunteer should choose a shoe from all, and start describing the person based on shoes, like the personality, age, hobbies, social frame of mind and so forth. of the shoe owner. The fun behind this is actually to find out how much you know your team members and what assumptions are made. Then the real owner comes forward and assumptions are tallied, and the game goes on till all the owners get their shoes.

Fact or Fib?

This is another game which is great when it comes to building the trust in the team. It is a simple fact that people bond tighter as long as they get to know each other. What you need to do in this game is, everyone in the team would need to tell three secrets about their selves, but out of which one will be a fib and other two are true. The other team members have to guess the fib. Don’t be stunned when you uncover strange facts of your colleagues, because the key to this game is opening and telling such facts about yourself, broadening your mind and developing trust in the team.

Winner or Looser?

This is a game which will help to convert damaging perspective to favorable perspective. What you must do in this game is, get into the group of 3. One person tells other person something harmful that happened to him recently. The same person tells the same story but relating it with the good things. The listening partner can help them explore the good that came from the bad. Participants experience a way to let go of damaging attitudes and emotional baggage.